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Learn how to settle your child to sleep with ease

Sleep disturbances are one of the most underdiagnosed issues in children. It is generally recognised that there are 6 fundamental developmental needs that children need in order to thrive, these are; human connection, play, physical activity, quality nutrition, language, and sleep.

Sleep is often the one that the least emphasis is placed on, yet having good quality sleep promotes;

• Improvements in memory and learning.
• Improved emotional and sensory regulation.
• Increased immune system.

It also has the advantage of decreasing the risks of developing:

• Type 2 diabetes.
• Heart conditions.
• Mental health issues.
• and developmental delays.

So although sleep is often overlooked, it is a cornerstone for allowing all other areas to develop properly.

Research tells us that children of the same age, require a similar amount of sleep per day. If a child is sleeping excessively more or less than their peers, then there is something causing a sleep disturbance.


I can help you with managing the following:
Settling your child to sleep
Frequent night walking
Early morning waking
Stopping catnapping
Establishing good quality day naps
Book your free 30 minute chat to discuss our top sleep tips, and how I can help you get the best sleep for you and your child.


Our range of sleep consulting solutions will ensure you and your child will succeed in your sleep goals.


I can develop a personalised sleep plan, as well as screen for any underlying issues causing poor sleep for your little one. These are either phone or in home consults, and include a week of support whilst you are implementing your plan.
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Not sure yet if you want to book in for a full consult? Book a time to have a free chat with me, I can give you some sleep tips and discuss how I can help you


Children can be seen at home, school, or childcare (with site permissions). Spectrum OT has a focus on working with children under 12yrs old, who have diagnosis’ of ASD, ADHD, or developmental delays.

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We Can Help With...

Settling your child to sleep

Frequent night waking

Early morning waking

Stopping catnapping, and establishing good day naps.

All using GENTLE SLEEP guidance methods.


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