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Sleep disturbances are one of the most underdiagnosed issues in children. It is generally recognised that there are 6 fundamental developmental needs that children need in order to thrive, these are;
Human Connection
Physical Activity
Quality Nutrition
Sleep is often the one that the least emphasis is placed on, yet having good quality sleep promotes; improvements in memory and learning, improved emotional and sensory regulation, increased immune system, and a decreased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart conditions, mental health issues, and developmental delays. So although sleep is often overlooked, it is a cornerstone for allowing all other areas to develop properly.
Research tells us that children of the same age, require a similar amount of sleep per day. If a child is sleeping excessively more or less than their peers, then there is something causing a sleep disturbance.

Available Funding

Funding may be available to partially or fully cover your sessions. These include:
Private Health: If your child is covered by private health insurance, then they may be eligible for a rebate for Occupational Therapy, depending on your level of cover. This would need to be checked individually, and you would claim independently.
NDIS: If your child is currently registered with the NDIS and is either self-managed or plan-managed, then you are able to use it to cover the cost of services.
Medicare: if you are eligible for a Chronic Disease Management Plan, you can claim a Medicare rebate for sessions – there is still a gap payment.

Not Sure Where To Start?

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We Can Help With...

Settling your child to sleep

Frequent night waking

Early morning waking

Stopping catnapping, and establishing good day naps.

All using GENTLE SLEEP guidance methods.


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