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When and How to Unswaddle your Baby

Babies should be unswaddled once they show signs of rolling, or if they turn 6 months old, whichever occurs first. This is due to the fact that it is unsafe if they are swaddled when rolling, and if swaddling is continued to be used past 6 months it is much more difficult for a baby to get used to not being swaddled. There are two ways to stop swaddling:

  • Gradual approach: if your baby is not yet rolling, you can take out one arm at a time. You would unswaddle one arm on the first day for his first nap, then the next day for two naps, the third day for all day naps. Then the fourth day for the naps and first part of the night, then the fifth day for all sleep. Then follow the same process for the second arm until the swaddle is no longer used.
  • Abrupt approach: If your baby learns to roll consistently very quickly, then they need to be unswaddled quickly so that they are safe. It will be a rough couple of days, however they will learn how to fall asleep without it. Stay consistent with your settling approach and it will pass more quickly.


It may take several days to a week for your baby to learn to fall asleep without a swaddle. The most important thing is to stay consistent in your chosen settling method, and he will learn more quickly what is expected of him.

If you are having difficulty with this process, please feel free to book in for a free 15min chat and I can guide you through the process.


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